Madikwe Game Reserve

Species List - Birds

A special feature of Madikwe lies in its unique location, a transition zone on the edges of the Kalahari, where a number of rare species occur naturally.
Over 350 species of birds have been recorded at Madikwe including many interesting raptors. Listed here is a number species to look out for.

Specials Madikwe is a good place to see many dry north-western species. Yellow-throated Sandgrouse are resident on the plains, and are usually present in large numbers. Other species which are regularly recorded on the plains include Kori Bustard, Temminck's Courser and White Stork. Both Double-banded Courser and Burchell's Courser have also been recorded, and Bronze-winged Courser is a regular summer visitor to the wooded areas. Southern Pied Babbler is always present, but is frequently heard rather than seen due to the dense bush. Barred Wren-Warbler can also be relied on to show, so long as one is familiar with the almost supersonic call.

Roberts No Scientific Names Common Names
1 Struthio camelus
English Ostrich
Afrikaans Volstruis
Setswana Ntlokwe/Ntshe
German Strauß
118 Sagittarius serpentarius
English Secretarybird
Afrikaans Sekretarisvoel
Setswana Ramolongwana
German Sekretar
122 Gyps coprotheres
English Cape Vulture
Afrikaans Kransaasvoel
Setswana Lenong
German Kapgeier
123 Gyps africanus
English Whitebacked Vulture
Afrikaans Witrugaasvoel
Setswana Lenong
German Weißruckengeier
124 Torgos tracheliotus
English Lappetfaced Vulture
Afrikaans Swartaasvoel
Setswana Lenong
German Ohrengeier
140 Pelomaetus bellicosus
English Martial Eagle
Afrikaans Breekoparend
Setswana Ntsu
German Kampfadler
143 Circaetus gallicus
English Blackbreasted Snake Eagle
Afrikaans Swartbosslangarend
Setswana Ntsu
German Schwarzbrust-Schlangenadler
146 Terathopius ecaudatus
English Bateleur
Afrikaans Berghaan
Setswana Ntsu
German Gaukler
229 Podica senegalensis
English African Finfoot
Afrikaans Watertrapper
German Afrikanische Binsenralle
230 Ardeotis kori
English Kori Bustard
Afrikaans Gompou
Setswana Kgori
German Riesentrappe
300 Cursorius temminckii
English Temminck's Courser
Afrikaans Trekdrawwertjie
German Temminckrennvogel
344 Pterocles namaqua
English Namaqua Sandgrouse
Afrikaans Kelkiewyn
German Namaflughuhn
346 Pterocles gutturalis
English Yellowthroated Sandgrouse
Afrikaans Geelkeelsandpatrys
German Gelbkehl-Flughuhn
441 Merops nubicoides
English Carmine Bee-eater
Afrikaans Rooiborsbyvreter
German Scharlachspint
447 Coracias caudata
English Lilacbreasted Roller
Afrikaans Gewone Troupant
Setswana Letleretlere
German Gabelracke
449 Coracias naevia
English Purple Roller
Afrikaans Groottroupant
German Strichelracke
474 Indicator indicator
English Greater Honeyguide
Afrikaans Grootheuningwyser
Setswana Tshetlo
German Gro?er Honiganzeiger
563 Turdoides bicolor
English Pied Babbler
Afrikaans Witkatlagter
Setswana Letsheganoga
German Elsterdrossling
580 Turdus litsitsirupa
English Groundscraper Thrush
Afrikaans Gevlekte Lyster
Setswana Letsetseropa
German Akaziendrossel
695 Melaenornis mariquensis
English Marico Flycatcher
Afrikaans Maricovlieevanger
Setswana Kapantsi
German Maricoschnapper
739 Laniarius atrococcineus
English Crimson-breasted Shrike (Boubou)
Afrikaans Rooiborslaksman
Setswana Kgorogoro/Kgaragoba
German Rotbauchwurger (Reichsvogel)
761 Cinnyricinclus leucogaster
English Plumcoloured Starling
Afrikaans Witborsspreeu
Setswana Legodile
German Amethystglanzstar
845 Uraeginthus granatinus
English Violeteared Waxbill
Afrikaans Koningblousysie
German Granatastrild
861 Vidua regia
English Shafttailed Whydah
Afrikaans Pylstertrooibekkie
German Konigswitwe

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