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Madikwe Game Reserve


adikwe is a prime wildlife reserve and safari destination with a choice of excellent accommodation venues. It is one of the largest game reserves in South Africa & hosts an incredible diversity of species.

About Madikwe Game Reserve

The Reserve borders Botswana and is located in North West Province, 90km north of Zeerust, about 3.5 hours' drive from both Johannesburg and Pretoria in the populous Gauteng area.

Madikwe Game Reserve is one of the few reserves in southern Africa, which is malaria free.

Besides many other wildlife species, the Big 5 can also be found in the reserve.

Accommodation in Madikwe is mainly in luxury private game lodges rated 5 and 4 stars of high standard.


Located in South Africa along the Botswana border, 20km from Gaborone, the reserve lies within a transition region between Lowveld bushveld and the Kalahari thornveld. As a result the region is host to an incredible diversity of species from both ecosystems.

Geographically the region has enormous volcanic intrusions known as Inselbergs, wide open plains and the riverine environment along the Marico River in the east of the reserve.


The rich diversity of vegetation ensures a wide range of game and the topography offers ideal game viewing opportunities. Madikwe is home to 66 mammal species including the Big Five and more than 300 resident and migrant bird species.

When to go

Generally speaking, our winter months bring about the dry season. This means at this time of year the bush is thin, there are less foliage for animals to hide behind and as such make for easier game sightings. Furthermore, the lack of water results in thirsty animals congregating around permanent waterholes or along riverbeds - which make make sightings of animals splashing for a drink of water so much easier.

Having said this, no matter how old you are or when you decide to visit the spectacular Madikwe, there will always be something special on offer for you by nature.

We regret - no day visitors

Please note: No day visitors may enter Madikwe without booking through one of the lodges. There are no camping or self-catering facilities and there are also no barbeque or picnic facilities.